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It is customary to inform the masseuse treating you about any surgery you have had before the massage starts.

In order to continue to guarantee the quality of our massages, given by our highly qualified people, we are obliged to increase our prices for 2018.

New pricelist 2018

Traditional Thai massage €55

Thai massage is strongly influenced by yoga, Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. The movements are often very similar to the asanas in yoga and the focus on the pressure points is similar to the nadis in Ayurveda and the meridians in Chinese medicine. There are two different styles of Thai massage, the Northern variant, Nuad Bo-Rarn, and the Southern variant, also known as Wat Pho massage. The latter is more static and people often find it more painful.

Ashiatsu massage €55

In Ashiatsu massage the practitioner literally walks on you. The word Ashiatsu comes from the Japanese Ashi (meaning feet) and Atsu (pressure).

It is a very relaxing massage for the muscles. This form of massage promotes good blood and lymph circulation, enabling the body to rid itself more efficiently of any toxins that have built up. This massage is given on a massage table.

Thai healing massage €55

The Thai healing massage is strongly influenced by Chinese and Indian massage and yoga. This is a fairly firm massage technique in which the masseur massages along the energy pathways and performs stretching and extending movements. The movements are very similar to the asanas in yoga and the focus on the pressure points are similar to the nadis in Ayurveda and the meridians in Chinese medicine.

Sit Wat Pho Foot massage €30 for 30 min.

Foot massage stimulates the flow of blood from particular organs and parts of the body to improve their function. The biggest portion of the nervous system can be traced back to the feet. The nervous system in the feet has fine branches and is linked to the rest of the body. This massage stimulates the flow of blood from particular organs and body parts to make them work better. You can therefore stimulate one or more organs by massaging the corresponding reflex point on the foot.

Special Sit Wat Pho foot massage and treatment € 50 for 1 hour

This foot treatment uses special herbs. This has an antibacterial and deodorizing function. In addition, with this treatment you are also given a small pedicure. Improving the sensation in your feet.

Whole-body massage with unscented or aromatherapy oils €55

A gentle massage with oils increases circulation in the body. This will aid tissue repair promoting a general feeling of well-being. You can choose between a treatment with unscented or aromatherapy oils. If you opt for the aromatherapy oils, you can choose from our wide range of aromas. The aroma of the oils enhances the feeling of relaxation.

Swedish massage €55

This is also called classic massage. It is the technique that most people come across today. The main aim of the massage is to relax the body. This aim is achieved by rubbing the muscles in long, sliding movements in the direction in which the blood flows back to the heart. It is also particularly beneficial for increasing the oxygen levels in the blood, for reducing muscle toxins and for improving circulation and flexibility. This provides a noticeable reduction in muscle tension.

Face and head €55

Compared to the other parts of our body, our head occupies a small, but extremely important place. Stress, tension or pressure can make our head and face feel tense. 

A head massage is therefore an important part of various forms of treatments. The varied massage techniques from gentle kneading to soft stroking movements provide extreme relaxation, that can be felt throughout the body. It improves the flow of energy in your skin, muscles and meridians.
A regular head and face massage results in better circulation of the skin and muscle tissue in the face, which can have a positive effect on the condition of your skin.

Back, Neck and Shoulder massage €55

Thai Head, Face, Neck, Back and Shoulder Massage is a form of massage that combines pressure point therapy and the Thai massage technique. The face is not forgotten and the massage will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. It is a wonderful way to massage headaches away. Regular shoulder and neck massage can even prevent headaches!

Sports massage €55

Sports massage or Deep tissue massage is a comprehensive treatment that concentrates primarily on the deeper layers of the muscles and connective tissues. This is not offered in wellness centres because it is a fairly intensive treatment. Deep tissue massage focuses primarily on symptoms that have arisen through strain, incorrect posture, trauma or not warming up properly before exercising.

These symptoms can be corrected using various techniques such as trigger points, stretching and deep massage with the elbow, forearm, finger tips and the palms of the hands.

Herbal compress massage €55

Herbal compress massage is an Eastern massage technique. The massage is done using herbal compresses. These are hot bundles filled with herbs that have cleansing, activating or relaxing properties. The compresses we use are filled with special Asian spices from Bangkok.

Who is a herbal compress massage suitable for?
A herbal compress massage is an ideal massage for anyone who is stressed, tired or lethargic. The herbs and their aromas will not only relax the body, they will also release new mental energy. This is a unique experience. The massage can help in times of stress because the herbs stimulate the body and give you renewed energy.

Treatment for muscle and joint pain €55

This massage is intended for muscle and joint pain, which you will inform the masseuse about yourself. During this treatment, the masseuse will adapt her massage according to your symptoms. These symptoms can sometimes be identified through reflexology.

Hot stone massage € 60

This technique comes from India. The hot stones mean the heat is released slowly and lasts for a long time. As a result, it gives you a feeling of deep relaxation. This massage helps prevent painful muscles and joints.

Skin Peel € 65

Peeling is a technique that removes the cells from the surface of the skin allowing new, young skin cells to rise to the surface, giving the skin a soft and even appearance. The technique can soften superficial wrinkles (but not deep wrinkles) and can remove traces of acne and discolouration. The treatment can also be used to prevent wrinkles or discolouration. A peel is primarily intended for places where your skin is fairly thin, such as the back of the hand, face and neck.

Pamper Packages for 120 minutes €110

Package 1: Peeling  – massage

Package 2: Face, Head – massage

Prices per time slot

30 minutes = € 35
45 minutes = € 45
60 minutes = € 55
90 minutes = € 80
120 minutes = € 100

Trio massage

60 min. € 150/3 pers.
90 min. € 225/3 pers.
120 min. € 300/3 pers.

When you book, please indicate whether you would prefer to be together or in separate rooms

Duo massage

60 min. € 100/2 pers.
90 min. € 140/2 pers.
120 min. € 180/2 pers.

When you book, please indicate whether you would prefer to be together or in separate rooms

Special prices

Children and Students & over 65s between 10.30 am and 6:00 pm
60 minutes: € 40
45 minutes: € 30
30 minutes: € 25

Children max. 30 minutes!
Discount vouchers cannot be used with offers and special prices

4-hands massages

60 min. € 110
90 min. € 160
120 min. € 220


5-session card € 250

10-session card € 480

12-session card € 540

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