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Pregnancy Massage

The pregnancy period is a wonderful, exiting and beautiful period. But at the same time your body has a lot to endure. Therefore it is of primary importance for yourself to take good care of your body and to give both body and mind extra attention and relaxation. Your pregnancy not only affects your body but also your hormone balance, your whole metabolism and your emotional life. Using special techniques, our masseuses will treat your back, neck, shoulders, legs, feet and head.

Pregnancy Massage

The massage calms the nervous system and releases endorphins. This creates a pleasant relaxing feeling for both you and your baby. The massage also activates your blood circulation, releasing more oxygen and nutrients for yourself and your baby. It can even bring relief from pregnancy ailments such as heartburn, back problems, constipation, pelvic instability, etc. 

During the massage, the masseuse makes sure that the posture is pleasant for both you and your baby. You can be massaged on your back and your side if and when it becomes too difficult to lie on your stomach.


We often have special offers for our customers. Visit our website for our latest offers. A massage at Sit Wat Pho also makes an ideal gift for your partner, family or friends. Our gift voucher is the perfect present for any occasion. You can order these vouchers through our website and deposit on our account BE 19 7360 1603 8612. After receiving payment we will send the vouchers to the address provided.

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